Top 11 Most Popular Foods in Colorado

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Colorado is home to some pretty natural serenity. Sweeping plains, Rocky Mountains and serene lakes make the nutmeg state a natural beauty.  Generally, most tourists won’t come to Colorado for the food it offers...but they should for sure. Here are 11 unique dishes from around the state that either originated in Colorado or were shaped by Colorado.

Even if you're not starving now, you'll be hungry after going through this unique list of 11 Popular Foods in Colorado...

11. Braising Duck

Braising Duck

In Colorado, roasted duck is just a phenomenal dish and one can get it in many restaurants. Greatly influenced by Chinese culture, braising duck is cooked with fresh herbs and savory broth, marinated and refrigerated up to 6 hours and cooked at 300 F.

Braising duck meat is succulent, has the crispy skin and well-cooked usually. Apart from the Chinese version of braising duck, French, German and Italian also available in various places. The braising duck is served along with Yam rice in many places but it is accompanied by a variety of other dishes like red cabbage, pasta, bread, potatoes, dumplings, and braised eggs.

The braising duck is a healthier main dish or dinner having a high amount of protein and low in calories.

A must-try dish while you are in Colorado…

10. Trout


Oily fish such as trout is a great source of vitamin D.The trout itself is such a delicate fish with a great flavor, it doesn’t need too many ingredients or special technique to enhance it.  So, just cook it in a large skillet on the stovetop with olive oil and butter, garlic, butter, lemon juice, white wine, Italian herb seasoning, chopped fresh parsley, and garlic give great flavor to the fish!  Healthy, low-carb dinner is rich in lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Trout fish is a member of the salmon fish family and is one of the healthiest dishes you can include in your diet...

9. Elk Sausage

Elk Sausage

Colorado Rocky Mountain elk sausage is a great alternative to beef and it has many varieties. Dishes like stew, burger, and roast can be made with Elk meat.

Elk Sausage, once a diet of Native Americans, this meat is a healthier option these days since it has high proteins and low in cholesterol and fat.

Usually, Elk Sausage is grilled over indirect heat along with sliced onions and bell peppers. They are served with sourdough bread, mustard and sauces for a rich dining experience.

Elk meat is juicier and tender when cooked and it will be a great treat if you have never tried before.

They are served with sourdough bread, mustard and sauces for a rich dining experience...

8. Bison Burgers

Bison Burger

Bison Burgers are made with American buffalo meat and are extremely flavorful. Typically the meat is grilled and seasoned with garlic, pepper, kosher salt, panko crumbs, eggs, topped with barbeque sauce and cooked with a cast-iron skillet.

Grilled bison burger is easy to make, delicious and a very healthy dish. These bison meat are lean up to 90% and it has only 10% of fat in it. while building the burger we can opt for tomato slices, lettuce, bell peppers and red onions instead of cheese and condiments. Also, we can add avocado slices instead of mayonnaise for healthy fat and creamy dish.

Grilled bison burger is definitely a healthier alternative traditional burger with beef or turkey.

7. The Slopper


Slopper is a unique kind of burger, part cheeseburger, and part enchilada. It is usually served with a variety of chili sauce. Slopper is only available in a 40 mile stretch between Colorado Springs and Pueblo and we won't get such type of dish anywhere in the world. Slopper usually has a grilled bun and topped with freshly sliced onions as well as French fries.

The open burger is generally eaten with fork and knife or with a spoon.

Sloppers are served in restaurants and taverns in the Colorado Springs area, Pueblo and surrounded areas.

A must-try dish while you stay in Colorado Springs or you travel to the city...

6. Granola


Colorado made Chewy Granola Bars are made with “Whole Ingredients” that taste extremely great and it is definitely having loads of healthy nutrients that will give a lot of energy throughout the day.

Whole grained Oats, whole grained wheat, barley extract, crisp rice, brown sugar, honey and varieties of nuts & syrup combined to make a great Granola.

A great Colorado made Chewy Granola Bars has crunch, meltiness, a mysteriously sweet tangle of coconut, warmth, savory, chewy,  a bit of spice and toasty bite of slivered almond.

Chewy Granola Bars are so elemental, so satisfying and it’s an ancient cooking ides dated the 1800s.variety of toppings can be added to the Granola base like Strawberry & Chocolate, Tropical Granola and Pineapple cut. Try this great dish while you are here.

5. Colorado Style Pizza

Colorado Style Pizza

Colorado-style pizza, widely known as “Colorado mountain pie” is quite popular in the Denver area and also in the rocky mountain region but not outside.

Colorado pizzas are thick-crust pies that come with 50 different varieties of toppings includes hot sauce, ranch dressing, spicy chicken, hamburger, bacon bits, fresh jalapenos, tomatoes, onions,  and Monterey jack cheese.

The sweetened crust of the Colorado-style pizza is braided outside and made with honey. At the end of the meal, people will eat with honey. Yes, this pizza is both dinner and dessert.

Usually, the Colorado-style pizza is sold in pounds; let’s say the variations 2 pounds, 3 pounds, and 5 pounds. The largest size of Colorado-style pizza was made weighed 14 pounds! A must-try the food for you as well as your family…

4.Rocky Mountain Oysters


Rocky mountain oysters also called Montana tender groins, cowboy caviar, calf fries, prairie oysters and swinging beef is made from testicles of a bull.

The organs are cooked in different ways; deep-fried, cut in the boards, thinly sliced, marinated, coated with pepper, flour & salt and also in many different ways. This dish has been served as an appetizer in the rocky mountain region and this is not so popular outside American west region

The Rocky Mountain oysters are so rich in vitamins, minerals & protein and it’s an excellent food for gym rats.

3.Pueblo Chilies


The rich soil, Colorado pure and fresh water, hot, dry & sunny summer yields super-hot and tasty chilies that are popular around the globe. These chilies can be compared with moderate jalapeno pepper for its hotness.

Chilies are one of the pueblo’s iconic food items and the people in southeastern Colorado are so emotionally attached to the special chilies grown in the farms of the pueblo.

Pueblo chilies can be found in almost all homes in the region as well as most of the restaurants in the state. Colorado people use these chilies on pasta, burgers, pizza, eggs, salami, salsa and also in sandwiches. Traditionally, pueblo chilies are roasted and added to every dish they make.

2. Colorado Lamb


Generally around the world, lambs are grown for their wools but the Colorado lamb bred especially for their high-quality meat. The texture and the flavor of the meat of Colorado lamb make the dish delicious and extraordinary.

Usually, the lambs which are 6 to 11 months old were slaughtered for meat and that makes the meat so exquisite, tender and juicy.

Colorado Lamb is generally seasoned with basil, cumin, mint, lemon,  onion, garlic, ginger rosemary and oregano to complement the flavor of the meat.

Colorado lamb meat is quite popular in the united states and it’s a special food in neighbor countries…A must try while you are in the state…

1. Denver Steak

Denver Steak

The Denver Steak is an American innovation and kind of hidden gem that comes from the primal chuck cut. Everyone loves this beautifully marbled cut because it is as versatile as it is delicious and has an extra deep beef flavor.

Denver steaks are relatively tender, with nice beefy flavor and with smooth texture make it juicy and mouthwatering.

Denver steak meat can be cooked in a cast-iron pan, grilled or very hot skillet and usually topped with gorgonzola sauce or herb butter. Denver steak recipes are Taco-rubbed grilled steak, Garlic-soy grilled steak, and Butter-basted pan-seared steak.

Denver steak meat is very high in protein, 65% of the daily requirement of zinc which helps our immune system and also a considerable amount of iron.

We feel that these are the 11 popular foods of colorado one must try...


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