Best Luxury Hotels In New York With Jacuzzi

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New York City is full of some of the most famous tourist attractions and there is so much to see and do in the city that it is a tourist hotspot and remains one of the most tourists frequented cities in the USA.

With that amount of tourists coming to New York either for business or a casual vacation, there is a need for accommodation for the various visitors and NYC boasts its huge collection of 5-star hotels that offer its visitors a great luxury experience for a perfect vacation.

And if you are traveling with your partner or just taking a luxury relaxing vacation, a Jacuzzi or hot tub is a must-have so that after eventful days, you can take a soak in the hot water and relax sore muscles.

Here is our list of Luxury Hotels In New York With Jacuzzi in the room that contains hotels that are sure to be the perfect accommodation for you.

Yotel New York

Located near Times Square, with one of the most unique and modern décor, Yotel New York is a hotel in New York with Jacuzzi in the room.

The hotel is super tech-savvy and features various bots and technology that helps visitors with various tasks and the décor is inspired by airplane cabins.

The location of the hotel is also very convenient as being close to Times Square gives the visitors access to various popular restaurants.

Shopping places as well as famous attractions like the New York Times Building, Madame Tussauds New York, etc. within a walking distance.

Our suite was extremely clean and the modern décor with the chic white furniture and bedding paired with the neon-like purple illumination at some spots looked very beautiful.

The room was also very spacious and the bed was large and comfortable, the huge ceiling-to-floor windows opened to our private terrace that had the Jacuzzi which was also spacious and offered a view of the city below.

The bathroom was good and had ample lighting and we were provided with amenities like a TV, toiletries, coffee maker, etc.

We also had great food at the restaurant on-site Green Fig and the rooftop bar offered a lot of good drink options with a spectacular view of the city.

The staffs were extremely helpful and the use of technology for tasks was very efficient according to me.

One more great thing about the hotel is that it is very affordable, though our suite costs a lot, smaller rooms are available for a great price considering the rates of 5-star hotels in New York with Jacuzzi in the room.

The Mark

Situated in Manhattan, one of the most popular 5-star hotels in NYC with a Jacuzzi in the room, The Mark boasts a delightful modern décor and a prime location with various restaurants and shopping centers as well as famous attractions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Neue Galerie New York in close vicinity.

The suite was large and very clean, the décor was a personal favourite using mainly white with splashes of colour thrown in by art pieces of plants here and there.

In the room, we had a living area, a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom.

The bed was large and comfy and all the furniture went extremely well with the wooden floors and the décor was simple but classy.

The bathroom was large and had a Jacuzzi with marble around and a separate shower alongside toiletries, towels, etc.

Though the décor appealed to me the most, I also enjoyed the food of The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges (It seemed a tad bit expensive but given that the food is that high-end, it is obvious) and we also ate out at the nearby eateries.

The staff was friendly and helped us throughout and the hotel has facilities for dogs as well.

Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards

Situated in Hudson Yards, this hotel caters to both the business crowds as well as family crowds that visit the Big Apple.

The location places the guests near various dining options, shopping spots, as well as several tourist attractions like Madison Square Garden, Times Square, etc.

Our suite was spacious and the modern-themed décor with grey, black and white tones was very elegant and luxurious.

The bed was great, the amenities like a TV, toiletries, towels, etc. were provided as well. The bathroom was also large and divided into areas and the tub was spacious and convenient.

There were a fitness centre and spa in the hotel which was both quite nice, and the food from the restaurant on-site, the Electric Lemon, was also great.

We ended up ordering room service a lot, and though we never got to try out the swimming pools, we did sunbathe for a while and the pools seemed good as well.

The staff was also helpful and we had access to free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. In my opinion, this was one of the, if not the best NYC hotel with a Jacuzzi in the room.

The William Vale

Situated in Brooklyn, The William Vale offers luxurious accommodation and a fine living experience to its visitors.

It is located in a neighborhood that has a variety of dining and shopping spots to choose from, as well as tourist attractions like the Brooklyn Bowl, Music Hall of Williamsburg, etc.

Our suite was very large and bright, with a colour scheme of mainly black, white and greys and very modern décor, the bathroom was also lovely and right by the tub was a ceiling-to-floor window that offered the view of the beautiful city below. Amenities like a TV, toiletries, etc. were provided.

The food at the restaurant by award-winning chef Andrew Carmellini was diverse and very delicious and we also enjoyed the drinks and the view of the city from the rooftop bar.

The staff was cheerful and helped us a lot during our stay and this was one of the best 5 star hotels in New York with a Jacuzzi in the room.

Avalon Hotel

Placed in the Midtown District, the Avalon Hotel is a customer favourite and offers fine accommodation alongside a perfect location and service to its visitors.

The hotel is very near to the Empire State Building and Madison Square Park and has various restaurants, shopping areas and other popular tourist attractions within a walking distance.

Our suite was moderately sized with a large and comfortable bed, a living and workspace, as well as a spacious bathroom and the décor, was classy and lavish.

The tub and shower area was separate and the tub itself was large enough to fit two people. We were also given amenities like a TV, minibar, toiletries, hairdryer, etc.

What made this hotel one of the best 4-star hotels with a Jacuzzi in the room was its neighborhood, with Korea town and Chelsea nearby, we had no shortage of amazing cuisine and places to stroll around and discover.

Aside from that, the staff was friendly and we had access to free Wi-Fi in the hotel, as well as a fitness center.

Lotte New York Palace

The Lotte New York Palace is considered as one of the most popular 5 star hotels in New York with a Jacuzzi in room by its visitors and attracts a huge number of guests throughout the year.

The hotel is located in Madison Avenue and sits across St. Patrick’s Cathedral and is very close to famous attractions like the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Centre, etc.

The neighborhood also has a huge collection of various restaurants and shopping outlets.

Our suite came with the stunning view of the city, located at a higher floor, and was incredibly spacious and well furnished.

The décor was a perfect harmony of vintage-classic with modern and the calm color scheme with splashes of color here and there made the room even more attractive.

The windows let in a lot of sunlight and amenities like a TV, toiletries, etc. were provided. The bathroom and the tub were both spacious and the marble was a great addition.

We enjoyed the brunch at The Villard and the on-site bakery offered some good-quality baked goodies that were perfect for snacking.

The spa and fitness centre of the hotel also lived up to our expectations and our experience with the staff was also good.

The only letdown for me was that free Wi-Fi was not available and we had to pay for it.

WeLive Wall Street

Situated in the Financial District, WeLive Wall Street offers various sized apartments that are different from conventional hotels and are more home-like.

The location is great as visitors can find many dining options, shopping areas and tourist attractions like Wall Street, the New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial, etc. within a walking distance of the hotel.

Our apartment was spacious and cosy with wooden floors and colourful furniture and the overall décor was simple, modern and yet it all felt very comforting and home-like.

We had a large living space, a well-equipped kitchen, a spacious bedroom and a beautiful bathroom.

The hot tub/ Jacuzzi was also available for use and we were given amenities like a TV, free Wi-Fi, hairdryer, toiletries, etc.

A great thing about the hotel was its amazing design and uniqueness that set it apart from other 5 star hotels in New York with Jacuzzi in the room and it also had a laundry room with washing and drying machines for your laundry.

The common areas were also neat and well maintained and the staff helped us a lot with check-in and even settling in our apartment.

Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca

Situated in Manhattan, the Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca earns its mention in the list of the best 5-star hotels with a Jacuzzi in the room due to its exceptional rooms and services offered to the guests.

The location itself is amazing as the guests can easily access various dining and shopping spots alongside famous tourist attractions like the New York City Fire Museum, SoHo Square Park, Tribeca Park, etc. on foot.

Our suite had a modern and chic décor with mainly neutral tones accompanied by beautiful wooden furniture and decorations that complemented the look.

The suite contained a living area, a large bedroom with a soft and comfortable bed and of course a spacious bathroom that contained the whirlpool tub which was perfect for when we were exhausted from all the shopping we did nearby.

We were also given amenities like a TV, toiletries, coffee makes, fridge, free Wi-Fi, etc.

The AOA Bar and Grill offered some great dishes and we also enjoyed room service. There was also a business centre, fitness centre and a mini-mart in the hotel and the staff was positive and friendly throughout.

The Dominick Hotel

Situated in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York, The Dominick Hotel is a 46-storey luxury hotel that offers a stylish and luxurious stay to its guests.

It is also very near to various food and shopping spots as well as tourist attractions like the SoHo Shopping District, Museum of African Art, Bloomingdales, etc.

The suite was simple and had a calm décor with high-quality wooden furniture and carpeted floors.

The bathroom was aesthetically pleasing and the marble tile on the floor as well the walls went very well with the white tub and the ceiling-to-floor window offered a clear view of the stunning city below. Amenities like a TV, free Wi-Fi, toiletries, towels, coffee maker, etc. were also provided.

We dined at the restaurant of the hotel and enjoyed the food and we also enjoyed the outdoor swimming pool on the 7th floor which offered a beautiful view of the streets.

The spa and fitness center were both well-equipped and offered various services. The staffs were also quite helpful.

The Sherry Netherland

Located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, this hotel offers a luxury stay and a royal treatment to its guests and is one of the best 5-star hotels in New York with a Jacuzzi in the room.

The prime location lets guests access various famous eateries and shopping areas as well as popular attractions like the Trump Tower, Central Park and Central Park Zoo, Museum of Modern Art, etc. at a close distance.

Our suite was huge and boasted a décor that was a mix of vintage classic with a touch of modern décor.

The separated areas like the living area, bedroom and kitchenette were all spacious and beautifully decorated and the bathroom that had marble and contained the tub was also lovely.

Amenities like a TV, free Wi-Fi, coffee maker, toiletries, etc. were provided.

We enjoyed the meals at Harry Cipriani and also frequented the fitness centre and the staff helped us a lot through our stay.

Mr C Seaport

Situated near Wall Street, Mr C Seaport is close to various dining and shopping options and attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge, the South Street Seaport, etc. and offers a lavish stay to its guests, coming in the list of some of the best 5 star hotels in New York with Jacuzzi in the room.

Our suite consisted of a living area, bedroom, terrace and bathroom, all of which were very spacious and had a modern décor with ample lighting.

The bathroom contains the tub which is spacious and goes well with the marble detailing and I also loved the terrace which was perfect for sunbathing. We also had amenities like a TV, fridge, toiletries, free Wi-Fi, etc.

The Italian cuisine from the on-site restaurant was delicious and the fitness centre was also great.

We had a great experience with the bright staff and had an overall good experience.

Final Thoughts...

Jacuzzis are one of the most sought after thing in a luxury hotel. A lot of people prefer hotels with Jacuzzis. This list of hotels would definitely help you if you too are someone who prefers staying in a hotel with Jacuzzi in room.


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