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luxury hotels and resorts are essential component of a proper high-end vacation or business trip that ensures that your trip is productive and does not end up exhausting you.

But a question arises that why should you opt for a luxury hotel and pay a lot more than you would have to for a regular hotel, why not just spend less for your accommodation?

The answer is rather simple, your accommodation contributes to your physical and mental well-being throughout the trip.

A comfortable accommodation ensures plenty of relaxation of the body and mind so that you can enjoy the wonders of the city you are in or perform well in the meetings you will attend.

A good accommodation would provide you with a good night or day’s sleep and make sure that you have all commodities you require, as you would back home so that getting ready is not a bother for you either.

Apart from these, there are various other reasons why you should put effort into looking for a good place to stay, but these are the main reasons and why we highly recommend the best hotels and resorts for you to stay in.

Why Luxury Hotels?

What truly is the difference between a regular hotel and a luxury one? Both have rooms that contain beds and bathroom and the necessities like toiletries, TV, etc., so what sets luxury hotels apart and why should you pay a larger sum for them?

Again, the first and most important reason. would be convenience. A person on a vacation or a business trip needs to use their effort and energy on work or travel and that alone.

If you have to do basic chores and work, you would waste a lot of time and energy that you could otherwise use for touring around or working.

Services like laundry service, turndown service, all meals delivered to your room as room service, babysitting services, etc.

Ensure that you would not have to use up your time or effort for basic things like such and can rest while you entrust the hotel staff with all of it.

Another reason would be quality. Both indeed have basic amenities, but the quality of the services and their use also matters a lot.

From beds to rooms, you can be sure that you would have immense comfort and ease in a luxury hotel while regular hotels cannot come up to par with it.

Soundproof rooms make sure that no external noise can disrupt your sleep, soft mattresses and duvets aid to your sleep and extra goodies like scented candles and tea help induce sleep.

These might sound trivial but are of great help when you have trouble settling in and resting.

Aside from that, there are many perks of luxury hotels like their location, all-included amenities.

These hotels are often located in the heart of the city that not only helps you be near various restaurants and shopping places but also give you close access to public transport to commute to various places.

These hotels give you access to fitness centers, spas, taxi services, etc., which you would otherwise have to search for to access, which makes it more convenient for you.

All such factors add to the merits of luxury hotels and this is precisely why they are expensive but worth staying in.

Luxury Hotels in the USA

From the serene ocean views of the beaches to snow-covered landscapes, The United States of America has so much to offer to its visitors in terms of landscape.

Across its 50 states, you can find all sorts of natural and man-made wonders, there is a place that suits everyone.

And since it receives such a huge tourist crowd every year, the country also has some of the finest hotels and resorts that are sure to stun you.

So here is a list of the top resorts and luxury hotels in the USA that have been providing the best of luxurious experiences to their visitors.

Four Seasons Resort Lana’i

Located at Manele Bay in Hawaii, The Four Seasons Resort Lana’i is a beachside paradise for its visitors and offers the finest suites with extraordinary service.

Each of their suites comes with the necessities like a comfortable bed, a beautiful and spacious bathroom, high-quality toiletries, minibars, coffee machines, TV, etc. and apart from these, each suite has its private terrace.

The facility also has a spa for body massages, facials, etc., a fitness center and a tennis court and golf course for the guests.

The restaurants on-site, views, Malibu Farms and One Forty serve exotic dishes made from the choicest fresh ingredients, you can try some authentic Japanese dishes at Nobu Lanai and even have a drink at The Sports Bar.

It is only a half-hour drive away from the airport and has two functional pools that look over the ocean.

The staff are trained to cater to the specific needs of the guests and offer various services like housekeeping twice a day, concierge service, etc.

What’s Unique: Here you can witness the finest beaches in the USA alongside the most splendid pools that offer a view of the ocean.

Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Situated on the Las Vegas Strip, the Waldorf Astoria by Las Vegas is a premium hotel that offers a lavish stay to its guests in all aspects.

The location itself is quite convenient as the hotel is hardly 200 metres away from the CityCenter and has various tourist attractions, dining options as well as airports nearby.

The rooms have a modern yet lavish décor to them and come with amenities such as slippers, toiletries, etc. alongside the bed and bathroom.

The technology used for lighting, temperature control, etc. is the finest and the rooms are soundproof with the beautiful views of Vegas.

The hotel also has 3 distinct pools, one of which is seasonal but the other two function all year round as well as a two-level spa with various hot tubs, facials and body massages as well as a fitness centre.

The two restaurants on-site Twist and Zen Kitchen offer French and Asian cuisine respectively that is loved by the guests.

What’s Unique: Their spa is a customer favorite with various treatments available and the location is perfect as well.

The Lowell New York

Located in the heart of New York near Central Park, the Lowell is a luxury hotel approved by both leisure and business travellers as a top hotel.

It has been on the top of the hotel rankings and was establishes in 1927, carrying a rich history and remaining as one of the best luxury hotels in the USA.

The hotel boasts a vintage-meets-modern-style and very home-like décor and suites come with fireplaces that are functional aside from necessities like toiletries, coffee makers, a large shower, a TV, free Wi-Fi, etc.

The hotel also has a fitness center and has a wide array of shopping and dining spots within walking distance.

The staff are highly professional and make sure to tend to every need of their guests and provide services like turndown service, concierge service, housekeeping, etc.

Majorelle and Pembroke Room, the restaurants, offer fine dining options for all meals as well as a High Tea.

What’s Unique: The location places the hotel very close to popular attractions, thus saving time and money for long traveling and has some of the best interior design.

Luxury Hotels in Europe

Home to some of the most frequently visited destinations in the world and consisting of some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes, Europe is undoubtedly a tourist hotspot and welcomes a diverse crowd of people throughout the year.

And through its various constituent nations, you can find the best of lavish and high-end living experiences in the best luxury hotels in Europe.

Here are some of the finest hotels in prime locations that you can pay a visit the next time you come to Europe.

Le Bristol- Paris, France

Just a walk away from Champs Elysées, Le Bristol offers lavish accommodation and best services to its visitors.

The hotel is located in an area full of designer shopping outlets as well as numerous art galleries and popular tourist attractions of the city, making it accessible and convenient.

The rooms have a lovely and chic décor and abundance of light and are very spacious and some even come with vintage-style furniture and decorations.

You can see the inner garden from some rooms and rejoice as you see the lush green plants and colorful flowers from your window.

There is a spa, wellness centre, a pool, a sun terrace and even a solarium on the premises.

The staff are friendly and assist the guests and provide services like laundry service, housekeeping, etc.

There is also plenty of activities available for adults and kids and various tours for the guests.

What’s Unique: Its breathtaking décor is a once-in-a-lifetime experience featuring some of the most stunning rooms, gardens, etc.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park- London, UK

One of the most appreciated and popular luxury hotels in Europe, especially London, Mandarin Oriental is the perfect fusion between Oriental and British styles to provide a luxury experience to its visitors.

It sits adjacent to Hyde Park and is near to various tourist attractions as well as eating and shopping spots.

The rooms are elegantly decorated and have marble bathrooms with all necessary amenities like a TV, DVD player, toiletries, etc.

There is a large spa and fitness centre along with an indoor swimming pool that is available for use all year round.

The staff are helpful and speak 15+ languages and you can dine at Bar Boulud for French cuisine or at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal to taste British delicacies crafted by the famous chef at the Michelin Star restaurant.

What’s Unique: It features a Michelin Star restaurant and one of the best spa and fitness facilities in a hotel that customers love.

Rocco Forte Astoria Hotel- St. Petersburg, Russia

Situated across the St. Isaac Cathedral, this hotel is a walk away from various attractions like the Bronze Horseman Statue and Mariinsky Palace and offers a lavish accommodation to guests.

Just outside, St. Isaac Square is a beautiful and lively place where you can roam around.

The rooms have a modern décor with hints of traditional Russian designs and additions alongside the basic amenities such as an exceptionally comfortable bed, a TV, toiletries and a spacious bathroom.

The hotel also has a fully-equipped spa with a sauna, massages, facials and Turkish baths, etc.

It also features a lounge where you can sip on tea or coffee while you listen to live music and performances or dine at the Astoria restaurant for fine Russian food.

There is a Winter Garden Hall and ballroom that is extravagant and used often by business guests that book it for functions and the staff is friendly and helpful and offer services of all sorts.

What’s Unique: The lavish décor and the perfect locations are the charm points of the Astoria and especially appreciated by its guests.

Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean islands are world-famous for their stunning oceans and beaches and various activities to do while you are there.

The region is especially famous for couples and families and attracts various travelers of all kinds from all over the world.

The different islands have so much to offer besides the beaches and hence there is no shortage of resorts and luxury hotels in the Caribbean Islands.

Jamaica Inn- Ocho Rios, Jamaica

This high-end hotel is situated on a private beach and offers luxury and relaxing accommodation to its visitors.

Though it is quite far from airports and other locations, the area the hotel is in is a prime location where you can enjoy the beach and various water activities.

The rooms have an elite and modern décor to them and come with large bathrooms, toiletries and you can have free access to Wi-Fi as well as parking for your vehicle.

There is a pool, library, spa and a fitness centre for the use of the guests and the guests also have access to the huge private beach where you can enjoy free croquet by the Inn or just have a dip and get you lunch delivered to you at the beach.

The Terrace and The Shanti Restaurants are the two on-site restaurants that offer local and international dining options for all meals.

The staff are friendly and provide services like concierge service, housekeeping, etc.

What’s Unique: The beautiful beach owned by the hotel has various watersports and is the perfect package.

Amanera- Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Located by the Playa Grande Beach set atop of a cliff, this luxurious resort is situated between a lush forest and mountains and provides a proper lavish experience to its visitors.

One of the top luxury hotels in the Caribbean, the resort itself is in a rather secluded area which ensures optimum privacy and no crowds.

Its rooms have wooden work and huge ceiling to floor windows that let you view the ocean beyond and the rooms as well as bathrooms are incredibly spacious and simple, yet lavish.

Other amenities such as a TV, minibar, etc. are available and the beach is easily accessible and you can enjoy various water activities like fishing alongside activities such as horse riding.

You can even book a suite with a private pool or have a great meal at the restaurant or the terrace, and if that is not exciting enough, there is a bar and restaurant at the beachfront as well.

A spa, tennis court, golf course, fitness center and yoga is available and the staffs are helpful.

What’s Unique: The one of a kind spacious rooms and he beachfront restaurant is unique to this hotel and a must-try.

Sandy Lane- St. James Parish, Barbados

Situated in the West Coast with white sand and the most beautiful ocean view, Sandy Lane is the top-notch luxury experience in Barbados with every possible luxury available to the hotel guests.

It is located just south of Holetown and has a thick growth of mahogany trees and a huge beach which is not crowded, although it is public.

The suites are extremely lavish with a huge space and intricately decorated interiors that will truly make you feel just how high-end the place is.

The bathrooms are huge and have stunning visuals, and you get great quality toiletries, a TV, a minibar, high-tech temperature, lighting, etc. control and even a private balcony.

And if you want to take it up a notch you can rent out their 5-bedroom villa.

The hotel boasts its seven bars, four restaurants, eleven tennis courts, a Treehouse Club for children, three golf courses as well as a spa with eleven treatment rooms, the largest one on the entire island and, of course, a splendid beachfront.

The staff is just as good as well and provide various service like concierge service, housekeeping, etc.

What’s Unique: Though it might seem pricey, the customers have found the hotel to be a place that you must go to before you die to experience all the beauty of both natural and man-made structures that Sandy Lane has to offer.

Luxury Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is a dream destination for any person who is fond of beaches, rich cultural heritage and extremely flavourful food, thus it has the best of resorts and hotels that cater to the many tourists that visit the Asian country each year.

So here are all the top resorts and luxury hotels in Thailand that are worth the expenditure and perfect for your next vacation.

Banyan Tree- Phuket

Set right next to a lovely saltwater lagoon, Banyan Tree Phuket is one of the most celebrated luxury hotels in Thailand and offers a high-end hotel experience to the travellers.

It is situated by the Bang Tao beach and is hardly 10 kilometers away from the Phuket International Airport.

The rooms are spacious and have a modern overall décor with hits of Thai art and architecture as well as fine woodwork pieces.

The villas have seating areas that can open up to access pools and have amenities like a TV, coffee maker, free Wi-Fi and a bathroom with luxurious toiletries.

The hotel has a spa, tennis court, fitness centre, golf course, seven on-site restaurants and bars, play areas for children and most importantly, some of the best pools with a beautiful view.

What’s Unique: The bright greenery outdoors combined with the serene pools and interiors of the villas make it a little slice of heaven for the guests.

The Siam- Bangkok

Located along the Chaopraya River, The Siam feature some of the largest suites and expensive and tasteful furniture which aids to the luxury.

The décor is the perfect fusion of traditional oriental as well as modern architecture and you can see the influence of both on each other.

The villas are very spacious with the finest décor and incredibly sized bathrooms that come with a bathtub, a shower and fine toiletries.

Other amenities like a TV, minibar, free Wi-Fi and free parking are also available for use.

There is a spa, fitness centre, library, a large outdoor pool and a pool for children, a sun terrace, garden as well as a restaurant and bar. The staff are helpful and provide services like concierge services, housekeeping, etc.

What’s Unique: The Thai traditional themed large villas are some of the most spacious and aesthetic accommodations in the country.

Six Senses Yao Noi- Ko Yao Noi

Situated at quite a distance from the populated city of Phuket in a rather quiet and private Phang Nga Bay, this resort is situated on an island surrounded by a beautiful forest and looking over a serene beach.

The natural wonders around it are stunning and the resort itself is one of the best luxury hotels in Thailand.

Each villa is very large and roomy and includes a dining area alongside the sleeping space and living space and even an outdoor pool.

The bathrooms are impeccable as well and include a bathtub and even an outdoor shower alongside toiletries.

The hotel also has a sun terrace, spa and fitness facilities, yoga lessons, tennis court, library, garden and an exceptional beachfront which is not too crowded.

There are four restaurants on-site that offer a wide range of dishes and staff provide services like concierge service, etc and are friendly and helpful.

What’s Unique: A villa comes with a personal pool that overlooks the ocean or forest beyond and the rooms are absolutely beautiful.

Luxury Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is another destination frequented by people from all over the world for both businesses as well as leisure and hence it is no surprise that the place has a wide array of luxury hotels to choose from.

Whether you are traveling strictly for work or taking your family along for a relaxing vacation or even going on a solo adventure trip, here are some of the top luxury hotels in Singapore that are perfect for all travelers.

Raffles Singapore

At a short distance from the City Hall MRT Station, situated in the middle of the city, Raffles Singapore is the ultimate destination to rewind and experience true luxury.

The location of the hotel places it near to various shopping spots and eateries and public transport too.

The hotel has a beautiful exterior, as well as interior and the rooms and surrounding areas, have teak wood floors that go extremely well with the white walls and wooden furniture with elements of modern décor as well as traditional décor items like carpets.

The suites are exquisite and spacious and so are the bathrooms and they include a TV, good quality toiletries, free Wi-Fi, divided areas: dining, sleeping and dressing, as well as a verandah.

The hotel has a spa, fitness centre, sun terrace, library, garden, outdoor swimming pool as well as restaurants like Tiffin Room.

You can even take a historical tour here. The staff are helpful and give you access to services like housekeeping, concierge service, etc.

What’s Unique: Its location in the heart of Singapore and stunningly decorated suites with wooden floors and furniture are unique.

Marina Bay Sands

Situated by the bay, close to the Marina Bay Sands Casino and ArtScience Museum, this hotel is one of the most famous and frequented luxury hotels in Singapore.

Its location is perfect and the oceanfront, as well as various tourist attractions, are easily accessible on foot, and the MRT station is close by which makes commuting convenient.

The wide and spacious rooms come with exotic wood furniture and fully carpeted floors and have a floor to ceiling windows that let you view the city beyond.

The bathrooms are also very spacious and well designed and include toiletries, and other amenities like a TV, minibar, free Wi-Fi and an electric kettle are also provided.

The hotel is home to the largest rooftop infinity pool in the world which has a stunning view overlooking the city. There is also a spa, three lounges, a nightclub as well as a mini-market.

Some restaurants feature cuisine crafted by famous chefs like Wolfgang Puck, David Thompson and Gordon Ramsay where you can enjoy fine-dining experiences with food from all over the world.

What’s Unique: With access to Singapore’s best shopping mall and the ArtScience Museum as well as the presence of the rooftop infinity pool make this extraordinary.

Capella Singapore

Located in the Sentosa Island, surround by lush green rainforests, Capella Singapore is undoubtedly a customer and critic approved hotel that is famous for its lavish services and interior.

It is hardly a kilometer away from Universal Studios Singapore and Madame Tussauds Singapore and has a few tourist attractions nearby as well as a moderate distance to the airport.

The rooms have a décor that is a perfect combination of Oriental traditional décor and modern contemporary styles and are spacious and bright.

The bathrooms are also very large and have toiletries for your use. Other amenities like a TV, refreshments, free Wi-Fi, free parking are also available.

The spa of the hotel has won various awards and remains one of the best spas in Singapore, and aside from the spa, there are also 3 outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre, a library, two restaurants offering different cuisines and a bar.

You get daily newspapers and can rent DVDs to watch for both adults and children. The staff are friendly and services like ironing, concierge service, housekeeping, etc. are available for the guests.

What’s Unique: The renowned spa and surroundings full of natural wonders make this resort a wholesome place to stay in.

Luxury Hotels in Japan

The four islands that make Japan have so much to offer in terms of wondrous architecture as well as natural landscapes.

Various travelers come to Japan to experience the country’s aesthetically pleasing sceneries and unique experiences exclusive to the country.

This, thus, brings forth the need for top-notch accommodation and hotels for the visitors that frequent the country, both western and Japanese style luxury accommodations to meet the needs of the guests.

Here is a list of the best luxury hotels in Japan that offer lavish living experiences to the customers.

Asaba Ryokan- Izu

Located at a small distance from the Shuzen-Ji Temple in Izu, this hotel gives a true gist of traditional living with elements of modern design as well as pure luxury all amid nature.

A ryokan is a traditional kind of inn in Japan that features sliding doors, matted floors, baths, etc. made especially for travelers in Ancient Japan, which is now modified slightly to create luxury experiences for a modern-day crowd.

The rooms come with beds that are elevated as well as traditional and on the ground, as well as a spacious bathroom with traditional Japanese décor and hints of modern design.

The exterior includes gardens as springs that are not only beautiful but therapeutic for the mind and you can see them from your room.

You can receive a full-body or facial treatment or take a dip in their hot spring.

Other activities like fishing, cycling and hiking are available near the hotel and you can get breakfast at the hotel and food is readily available in the restaurants in the hotel.

The guests also have access to free Wi-Fi and free parking.

What’s Unique: The décor and traditional set-up of rooms looking to the lush green gardens and springs are incredibly rare and beautiful.

Park Hyatt- Tokyo

Situated in Shinjuku, only a walk away from the Shinjuku Central Park and in close vicinity of various attractions like the Tokyo Opera City Tower and the New National Theatre Tokyo, this hotel is one of the best, if not the best, luxury hotels in Japan.

The rooms are bright and have a modern-style décor with Hokkaido wood panelling and complementing furniture, and are very spacious and have ceiling to floor windows which show the view of the city beyond it.

The bathrooms are beautiful and spacious and have large bathtubs perfect for a soak and include amenities like toiletries, hairdryer, etc. Amenities like a TV, newspapers, etc. are available.

There are a spa, fitness centre, library and a beautiful indoor pool that is accessible throughout the year.

The 52nd-floor restaurant, New York Grill also offers a range of food and the surrounding areas also have many eateries for the guests to try out.

The staff speaks various languages, are friendly and offer services like concierge service, babysitting services, housekeeping, etc.

What’s Unique: The prime location and lavish rooms altogether make it great for both business and leisure travellers.

Zaborin Ryokan- Niseko

Situated in a rather secluded area, with the Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area only 22 kilometers and the Niseko Annupuri Spring 16 kilometers away, Zaborin offers a modern luxury experience merged with traditional ryokans for its guests.

The location becomes a winter wonderland when snow falls and the whole landscape becomes a white vast land with trees, where you can ski and do other activities near ski resorts.

The ryokans have traditional elements such as sliding doors and floor seating but they are beautifully combined with modern design and the décor is very unique.

The rooms have a sleeping area, a living area with a sofa, a bathroom with toiletries, a kitchenette with a refrigerator, coffee machine, kettle, etc. and you can find amenities like a TV with streaming services and DVD players, Minibar, etc. available in the room.

There are a restaurant and bar, an open-air bath, a balcony, garden, hot spring, spa massage facilities and a library available at the hotel.

Though the location of the hotel is not in a city and quite isolated, it is perfect for a relaxing vacation and especially for those who love snow and winters as you get to experience all of that here.

What’s Unique: The beautiful scenery and the impeccable rooms with stunning décor are customer favorites.


These are some of the luxurious hotels from all over the globe. No doubt, they are on the expensive side. However, the valuable experience and the comfort they provide are totally worth the price.

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