Top Affordable Luxury Hotels in New York City

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New York City is a stunning city in the United States that is a dream travel destination for many. However, the city is also very expensive, one of the most expensive in the USA, in terms of accommodation and expenditure.

Travelers often have trouble finding the affordable luxury hotels in New York that are cheap and yet carry all perks of the city like a good location, decor, etc.

To find a hotel that is not too pricey and yet provides you all the benefits of a stylish NYC hotel is a task that would otherwise have taken some serious research, but we have made it easier for you and reviewed some of the affordable luxury hotels in NYC.

YOTEL New York

Situated almost a mile away from both Times Square and New York Times Building, Yotel is a unique and new hotel that boasts its modern decor that is truly one-of-a-kind, inspired by the decor of aeroplane cabins.

The location is perfect in terms of availability of various shopping spots, tourist attractions as well as eateries and you can also access public transportation nearby.

The room and the whole hotel’s interior was extremely bright with neon purple lights and modern white furniture and though it was bright, it was not overwhelming.

The room itself was clean and moderately sized and the sofa/bed was comfortable and spacious, the bathroom was clean as well and amenities like toiletries were provided.

Though room service was pricey, we enjoyed the food at the on-site restaurant, as well as spent a good amount of time on the outdoor terrace with drinks.

Some rooms have a private terrace and outdoor tubs, but they’re limited to only be used in summer months due to the temperature. The staff we quite friendly, though we did not have as many interactions.

The most unique thing that I found very convenient was the great use of technology to simplify tasks that otherwise take a long time, such as the self-check-in kiosks which replaced the tedious check-in process and made it easier.

There were also storage bots for luggage and this creative use of technology was a plus point.This hotel is one of the affordable luxury hotels in New York

The Bernic

Situated in a great location of Manhattan, The Bernic Hotel is a modern-themed luxurious living experience and quite affordable at the same time.

The hotel is hardly half a mile away from St. Patrick’s Cathedral as well as the Museum of Modern Art and has various other attractions, shopping spots and eateries nearby. Public transport is available at a short distance from the property.

The room was simple yet beautiful and the bed was spacious and comfortable, and I found the room quite spacious for the amount I paid for it.

I especially adored the bathroom and the LED light strip along the sides of the mirror was great and though the space was small, the lighting and decor made it feel spacious.

Amenities like a TV, coffee machine, toiletries, etc. were also provided and we opted for a room with a balcony which overlooked the city.

The food at their restaurant was delicious and there was free Wi-Fi in all areas and the staff helped us and were friendly.

One thing I found out was that the hotel offers disability-friendly services and features which can be helpful and are rare to find in a budget hotel which makes this one of the cheapest luxury hotels in NYC in my opinion.

Freehand New York

Situated on the Lexington Avenue, Freehand New York now stands where George Washington Hotel once was and offers great experiences to its guests at a great price.

It is near to Madison Square Park as well as the Museum of Sex and has various eateries and shopping outlets nearby alongside public transport.

The room was quite spacious and eccentrically decorated, not that I am complaining though, I loved all the woodwork and the dark tiled shower as well the artistic walls.

The bed was also comfortable and spacious and we were provided with amenities like a TV, a hairdryer, toiletries, etc.

There were five restaurants to choose from and we especially enjoyed the seafood from Simon and The Whale, though the other ones were great too.

There were a fitness center and a mini-mart as well as Free Wi-Fi. The staff was friendly and helpful too.

Arlo SoHo

Situated near SoHo, Arlo SoHo is one of the best cheap luxury hotels in NYC and it is situated in a prime location where dining and shopping options are abundant alongside various popular attractions.

It is in a walking distance from the New York City Fire Museum and the SoHo Square Park and there is access to public transport close by.

The room was very neat and minimalistic and though the size of the room was not too big, the perfect décor and placement of furniture made it spacious and convenient.

The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom was also a moderate size with great toiletries. Amenities like a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, etc. were present and our room had a great workspace as well as a terrace.

There was a market on-site, a restaurant named Harold’s, the food of which was delightful, as well as free Wi-Fi.

The lounge common area was often peaceful and a great place to relax or work and the staff were incredibly friendly.

I had previously heard great praises of the Arlo Rooftop Bar and it truly lived up to the hype as it offered a lovely night view of the city alongside great drinks.

The Time New York

Situated in the heart of the bustling city, The Time New York is probably one of the greatest cheap luxury hotels in NYC with beautiful modern decor and great rates.

It is very close Times Square and Broadway Theater and is a walk away from various shopping outlets and eateries like the popular Restaurant Row. Public transport can also be accessed from nearby.

The room was spacious and the black-white-grey colour palette of the décor was especially pleasing and the room itself looked very lavish.

The bathroom was amazing, the decor of the whole hotel is a wonder if you ask me, and toiletries, a bathrobe, etc. were provided. Other amenities such as a TV, free Wi-Fi, etc. were provided.

The Italian cuisine of the restaurant, Serafina was amazing and we ate there a lot. The fitness centre was also well-equipped and the staff were helpful and quick and the check-in and check-out were rather easy for us.

Arlo NoMad

Situated near the Empire State Building, Arlo NoMad is a great budget option for travellers who want a stay in a prime location and don’t want to compromise with the quality of accommodations.

The location is desirable as many eateries, shopping destinations like Manhattan Mall Shopping Center and famous tourist attractions are close by as well as public transport.

The room was neat and perfectly sized and the décor stood out to me because the minimalistic and calm design was very home-like and the systematic utilization of space made moving around hassle-free.

Our room had a window that displayed a view of the Empire State Building and it was splendid. Amenities like toiletries, a TV, refrigerator, etc. were also provided and the bathroom was good as well.

The food at the on-site restaurant was good quality and the rooftop bar was the perfect place to spend the evening while looking at the brightly lit city below.

There was also a mini-market and even a business center and lounge for those who wanted to work and the staff was helpful throughout the stay.

Hyatt Place New York

Situated in a popular and busy neighbourhood, just a walk away from the New York Times Building, Hyatt Place is another commendable choice amongst cheap luxury hotels in NYC.

It is placed near Madame Tussaud New York and Madison Square Garden and the vicinity also has great dining and shopping spots as well as public transport.

The room was bright and clean and the décor was rather simple with a neutral tone, but the bright artwork by the bed gave it a pop of colour, and I loved it.

The bathroom and room were both spacious, for an NYC hotel room, and lighting was adequate. Amenities like a flat-screen TV, toiletries, hairdryer, free Wi-Fi etc. were provided.

We especially enjoyed the breakfast buffet, though the lunch and dinner options at the restaurant were also nice. The lounge area was spacious and great for working or relaxing and the staff were helpful too.

This hotel also had special services available for disabled guests which is a great step. There was a well-equipped fitness center for the guests to use.

Riu Plaza Times Square

Placed in the busy streets of Manhattan, The Riu Plaza is a luxurious hotel that is not too pricey as compared to others and provides all desirable services to its guests.To my opinion,this hotel is one of the best affordable boutique hotels in nyc.

It is less than half a mile away from the Times Square and The Majestic Theater and has many popular dining options like Hell’s Kitchen and Restaurant Row within a walking distance. You can also find public transport at a walking distance.

Our room was clean and bright, and I was not a big fan of the colour scheme of the décor, it is a very subjective matter and aside from that, the décor was great.

Both the bathroom and room were of considerable size and the ceiling to floor window offered us some great views especially at night and sunrise. Other amenities like a TV, toiletries, hairdryer, etc. were also provided.

The buffet meals at The Theatre Buffet were very delicious and the food from the Capital Deli Take Away was also great.

One letdown was that the Wi-Fi was not free and we had to pay to use the services. The staff were great and helped us a lot during our stay.


Situated in a prime location of the city, MOXY NYC is a modern hotel that offers a minimalist yet luxury experience to its visitors and is truly a game-changer among cheap luxury hotels in NYC.

You can easily walk to the Empire State Building or the Madison Square Garden and various other tourist attractions, eateries, as well as shopping spots, are available nearby. You can also access public transport on foot from the hotel.

Our room was simple and compact, but that is the concept of minimalism so it was perfect, and had a minimalist decor with various components that stood out to me.

There was foldable furniture that could be hung on the wall when not in use, which optimized space and the colour palette was neutral with little splashes of colour here and there through items, and I particularly adored not only the décor but the effort put to maximize convenience for guests.

The bathroom was also spacious and amenities such as a TV, free Wi-Fi, towels, toiletries, a hairdryer, etc. were provided.

There were four restaurants/bars on site and we enjoyed the food and ate out as well.

There was a fitness center for the guests, a lounge that was quiet and spacious as well as a rooftop bar which was splendid with a beautiful view of the city.

The staff were also helpful and friendly and there were special facilities for disabled people which could be very beneficial for a lot of people.

Hampton Inn Manhattan

Situated in Manhattan, The Hampton Inn combines luxury with affordable rates to serve a great hotel experience to its guests.

It is situated very near to the Broadway Theater as well as Times Square and there is an abundance of eating and shopping spots in the neighborhood.

You can also access public transport from stations that are a walk away from the building.

Our room was quite spacious and the décor was a fusion of modern and rustic, involving a lot of woodwork and brightly coloured furniture.

The bathroom also followed a similar decor pattern and was spacious as well. We were also provided with amenities such as a TV, free Wi-Fi toiletries, coffee maker, etc.

The color scheme was not my favorite but then again, decor is a very subjective matter and what does not work for me might be great for you.

The breakfast buffet was delicious and they also had a mini-mart where you could shop for food. The fitness center was well-equipped and I liked the business center, it was perfect for working.

The staff was very cheerful and friendly at all times and helped us a great deal throughout our stay.This hotel could be one the best discount luxury hotels in nyc.

Final Thoughts...

These are some of the luxury hotels that give you premium facilities without causing a hole in your pocket. You may even visit them if you do not want your stay in a hotel to cost you a fortune.These luxury hotels do not compromise with the quality of the services they provide to their customers at affordable prices.


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