11 Best Luxury Hotels for Families in New York

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Though the city has no shortage of the best and most attractive tourist attractions and food spots and even accommodation, finding the Best Luxury Hotels for Families in New York, especially when you are travelling with kids is not an easy task.

You need to make sure that the hotel provides enough facilities and entertainment so that you can relax and unwind while the kids have something to do.

Aside from that, the location should also be such that you can witness the best locations New York has to offer at a close distance so that you would not have to travel long distances and some good dining options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

But a luxury hotel for families in New York City that provides comfortable accommodation with facilities to entertain and cater to children, that too in a location where good food and fun attractions are only a walk away is difficult to find, so we have done the task for you.

Here is our list of some of the best NYC hotels that are perfect for family outings.

Loews Regency New York

Situated conveniently near the Central Park Zoo which is the best area to stay in new york for families, Loews Regency is arguably one of the best luxury NYC hotels for families.

Apart from the zoo, Central Park and Times Square are also very near to the hotel, and the location has an abundance of great restaurants that offer all sorts of cuisines just in case you want to try something other than the hotel food.

They offer various goodies for both kids and teenagers to ensure that their time in the hotel does not go idle, goodies like a teddy bear, and children's movie DVDs, etc. were provided. This hotel is one of the Kid-friendly hotels near times square.

The Regency Bar & Grill offers a range of dishes in their Children’s Menu that is approved by my toddler, who gets quite picky with food. You can get a cot set up in your room upon request, for free, for your child, though we did not require that as the bed was spacious enough.

There is also a Babysitting service available if you have to attend to some business and the location is perfect in terms of fun attractions for children.

The room was clean, spacious and bright, as was the bathroom. The bed was quite comfortable and it was a lot quieter than we expected as it is located on a busy street.

The coffee machine, TV and toiletries were all good and the staff was also helpful.

Freehand New York

Located on Lexington Avenue, very close to the Madison Square Park as well as Midtown, this is one of the best hotels for families in New York City now stands where George Washington Hotel was once situated.

There is a variety of good food places as well as parks and touring locations. The interior is bright and the décor is unique and aesthetically pleasing, both the rooms and the common areas are vibrantly colored and the décor specifically appeals to kids.

We got ourselves a room that came with a pre-equipped bunk bed, and even though the bed itself was large enough, my daughter refused to leave the top bunk and spent a lot of time there.

The size of the room is quite subjective as some people might find it small, but I have experience of hotels in New York, and it is quite spacious if you see it that way.

The food from the restaurant, Simon and The Whale was a huge hit with my daughter and the Smile To Go coffee shop was also loved.

The décor was so beautiful and all amenities that were provided, such as toiletries, TV, etc were of good quality.

Parker New York

Parker New York is located close to the Museum of Modern Art as well as the entrance of Central Park.

The area in which it is in is also full of dining and shopping places and popular attractions are only a small distance away. The interior is luxurious and bright and it is one of the best NYC hotels for large families.

The rooms were extremely clean and spacious; the décor was also simple yet lavish and the living area and sleeping area were separated.

The pull-out sofa was great and since it was fascinating, my child slept there and found it comfortable, the bed was comfortable too.

The rooftop pool was amazing and my daughter especially loved it there, and the view was breathtaking. The restaurant's Norma’s and Burger Joint were also great and we ended up having burgers almost every evening.

The staff was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the visit and the location was convenient as we did not need to travel much to find good eateries and places to stroll around.

Four Seasons New York

 Located in a prime location between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue, the Four Seasons New York is one of the best family hotels in New York State that offers its visitors a stay that is pleasant and lavish.

Its location is great as famous tourist attractions like Central Park and Times Square are quite close and there are ample shopping and eating destinations in both Avenues.

We were required to inform the age of our child before our visit and when we reached there were a complimentary coloring book and a couple of children’s DVDs waiting for my daughter. Yes, this is one of the kid-friendly hotels in the Times Square area.

There are also amenities such as kids’ bathrobes, cribs, etc. if you ever need them and basic amenities such as TV, mini-bar and toiletries were also great. The staffs were friendly as well.

The bed was spacious, we all shared a bed and we had to pay no extra charge, though there was no need for an additional bed as the bed was spacious and comfortable.

The children’s menu was also good and we ordered room service rather often. What stood out to me was the décor which was simple and elegant and the room was not overcrowded with decorations and yet looked stunning and it made it an amazing luxury hotel for families in New York City.

The Pierre Hotel

Located close to the Central Park Zoo, with various eating and shopping spots in close vicinity of the hotel, the hotel is extremely popular and has been featured in several movies, series, etc., and is arguably the best hotel to stay in New York by Taj.

The décor of the building and all the rooms is splendid and gives an amazing luxury service to its guests and as soon as you enter you can see

The room was spacious and thoroughly cleaned and my daughter loved the lavish décor and the huge and comfortable bed.

They also offered us a couple of children’s books and a stuffed-toy that we could take back with us. At turndown, she received cookies and milk from a very nice staff member and was extremely pleased by the service.

The Tide Pool specifically for kids was also loved by her and the food at the restaurant was lovely as well.

The amenities such as the TV, toiletries, mini-bar, etc. we good and the bathroom was spacious as well. The location made it quite convenient for us to roam around the city.

I cannot appreciate the staff enough as they were extremely friendly and truly made the experience a great one for us.

Hotel Beacon

Located very near to the Beacon Theatre and Strawberry Fields, Hotel Beacon is situated in a good location and is arguably the best area to stay in New York for families.

This hotel is specially designed for family visits and boasts its home-like décor and unique features that make it stand out.

The interior made me feel as if I was home and it was very well decorated and organized, as well as clean.

The two bedrooms were divided and there was a door for privacy, the bathroom was also beautiful and spacious and had good-quality toiletries.

But the best part of the room for me was the kitchenette that came with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker, as I do not like eating out day after day and could make some healthy meals for my child in between.

Other amenities like the TV, iPod dock, etc. were provided and the staffs were also friendly.

The food at the restaurant was good and the location also had various restaurants to choose from that were a walk away, making it a great luxury hotel for families in New York City.

The Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park

Situated very close to Central Park, The Ritz-Carlton is a top luxury hotel for families in New York City and offers a full-fledged luxury experience to its guests.

It is located near Central Park and the area is full of various restaurants and shopping outlets, as well as various tourist attractions.

We took the room which had a direct view of Central Park, and it was the best decision as our daughter enjoyed it and we were equally as stunned by it.

She was also offered a welcome packet that included a colouring book and toy which she used enthusiastically during the rest of our stay.

She also went out in the noon with me to feed the horses of their horse carriages and felt overjoyed after it.

The food at the restaurant was good quality and delicious and the availability of eating places nearby gave us a variety to choose from.

We also frequented Central Park quite often for walks and the staff was helpful throughout.

The Kimpton Muse

Located close to Times Square and Radio City Music Hall, The Muse is one of the best family hotels in Upstate New York that offers great services to its guests and is perfect for family stays.

Times Square is hardly a walk away and you can also find various good restaurants and shopping spots nearby.

The décor of the room was elegant and the bathroom’s design was also beautiful, the bed was spacious and comfy.

Our child got a welcoming gift when we checked in and she was delighted, to say the least. We could also borrow a bike but decided against it. The amenities were good and the TV, minibar, etc. were present.

The food was great, though we did eat out a lot more since the closeness to Times Square made us stay out for a majority of our stay.

The staffs were nice and helpful and my daughter especially enjoyed her visit to this luxury hotel for families in New York City.

The Lowell

Awarded various designations and awards by various magazines and institutions, The Lowell remains in a well-recognized and frequently-visited luxury hotel for families in New York City.

The classic-themed décor of the suites as well as the common areas is commendable and the hotel offers some of the best views of the city if you opt for it.

The room was decorated in an almost vintage style and was spotless, so was the bathroom. Our suite had a kitchenette, which I appreciate a lot, and ours even had a wood-fireplace that we used.

Our daughter liked the décor and said that it feels like home, and it truly did to us as well.

The staff was nice and helpful and the food at the restaurant, Majorelle, was expensive yet delicious. Other amenities like the TV, toiletries, minibar, etc. were also present, alongside Free Wi-Fi.

The Central Park Zoo was very close-by alongside various dining options and museums.

Residence Inn by Marriott

Situated near Central Park, Residence Inn is undoubtedly the best Marriott in NYC for families and provides a great living experience to its guests.

The location is away from the hustle-bustle, yet close enough to access major attractions and food spots on foot.

We encountered one of the most beautifully decorated hotel room I have ever experienced, and trust me, I have seen a lot of them.

The décor was modern yet simple and it felt high-end and at the same time home-like. My daughter enjoyed breakfast a lot and we saw many families during our stay and the food was great as well.

The kitchenette delighted me and the bathroom was very beautiful and had all the necessary toiletries.

The TV, iPod docks, etc. were also present, and there was a fully-stocked convenience store, which, alongside the kitchenette helped me make healthy food during the stay.

The staff were so friendly and helpful and seemed genuinely happy which made us feel happy as well.

Hotel Gansevoort Meatpacking

Located near the Hudson River Park and Chelsea Market, Gansevoort Meatpacking is a luxury hotel located in a different and quieter location than the other one on the list and offers a luxury service to its guests.

The modern décor of the hotel and the vibrant neighborhood with various eating options make it a great luxury hotel for families in New York City.

The bed was spacious and comfortable and yet my daughter insisted to sleep on the sofa bed, out of the fascination of course and was very satisfied.

I found the neighborhood quite aesthetically pleasing and different from the ones we had been to before, and I took a lot of strolls in the area.

The most fun part for my daughter was the heated rooftop pool, which was a first time experience for her and she loved it.

There were also a couple of playgrounds and the Hudson River Park which we went to often. The staff was helpful and polite and amenities such as a TV, minibar, etc. were also present.


These are some of the really good hotels that you should try if you ever visit New York with your family. These hotels will take utmost care of you as well as your dear ones.


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